How to FaceTime date like a pro

Pick a time, open app and dial. That’s it, right? If you are looking for the key to date success there may be a few other things you will want to consider before your FaceTime date.

We’ve listed our top 5 so you can put your best foot forward and follow it up with a top real-life date. (After the pandemic of course)

1. It’s all about you

Like a real-life date, you should consider what you’re going to wear and how you will present yourself before connecting with your virtual date. The aim is to set a good first impression, feel comfortable and be yourself but if you are still unsure of what to wear, you can’t go wrong with something along the smart casual lines. That means top to bottom - no sneaky PJ’s below, you never know when you may be caught off guard.

2. Your backdrop

Just like you, your space should show your best side and can be a great conversation starter. Find your spot, maybe a shelf with your worldly treasures, a book collection, or your kitchen displaying your prized commercial grade coffee machine. Showing what you’re passionate about can not only start the conversation but can help you find common ground.

3. Turn up the lights

With most dates taking place in the darker hours, mastering good lighting is one thing that can make all the difference but is mostly forgotten. If you are unable to utilise natural light try a front-facing lamp to help cut shadowing and give you a warm glow. Tip: Turn on your device's camera and make sure you, the lighting and your room are the way you like them before connecting with your date.

4. Keep the conversation going A FaceTime date can almost feel like a job interview, you can’t rely on things happening around you to stem the conversation, so once you run out of general chit chat why not try a game? There are thousands of options available but some classics to consider are Words with Friends, a round of cards or Trivial Pursuit.

5. Don’t say it


We know this is a hot topic, and therefore why you’re on this FaceTime date, but it shouldn’t be the focus of your conversation. When it comes up, check in with your date and be empathetic to their situation but try not to let it take over. There is more to you and your date than the last few weeks in isolation, try to get to know them without all the doom and gloom, stay positive and talk about the future face to face meetings you may have.

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