Dating during a pandemic, what are your options?

With most Australian’s in lockdown and the social distancing rule being practised for those of us who must go out, you may find yourself wondering “how can I date when I can't physically date?”

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom, you can actually kick start a new relationship online as before, you just need to get a little creative with phase two. So when you’re ready to take your connection outside the chat box, why not try these tips for a top virtual date. Warning, you will need to get out of your pyjamas - most options contain video contact.

1. Netflix and Chill Just like your new bae was next to you, dial them in, set up the same movie and hit play. You can share the suspense and laughs together, or take turns at a running commentary. If you want to take your movie session to the next level pull out the same snacks or UberEats the same Thai takeout. You will hardly know you are not in the same room. 2. Point and shoot This is a way to stay connected throughout the day and add a bit of healthy competition in the mix. Set up a shared insta account and take turns at snapping your day #mydayinisolation #partone. The pic with the most likes wins! And you never know you might just become insta-famous in the process. 3. Get cookin’ good lookin' Raid your fridges and see what shared ingredients you have. Can you come up with a recipe? DW google can also help here. Once you have the menu sorted prop your phone on the bench and start showing off your culinary skills. Simply serve and enjoy together. The only downside is you both have to do the dirty dishes. 4. Feel the burn It’s easy to let yourself go while stuck in isolation, I mean it’s hard enough to get out of your PJ’s right? But this could be a great time to get motivated and make that post-isolation body you’ve always dreamt of. Head to your yard, balcony, or open a window and start getting active together. We recommend joining a Zoom class or following a YouTube video and if you like a bit of friendly competition see who can do the most star jumps in 30 seconds. 5. Bust a move Have you heard of TikTok? Maybe you’re already pumping out content on this latest must-have social platform. Either way, you can pick a song and share some classic moves (we’re talking change the lightbulb meets pat the dog), see who pulls it off and who doesn’t. This is a great laugh and won’t leave you completely breathless like the above 30 star jumps.

6. Your inner Picasso Are you a creative type? You can both have a crack at this one. Find an object or share a picture and see who produces the best (or worst) artworks at the end of a set time. If your date is not as confident putting pen to paper, let them describe something while you draw, this is great for working on communication skills, just you wait and see! While these ideas may not be your ‘ideal’ first, second, or third, date, it is a great way to start forming a connection with someone during a pandemic and do your part in helping to stop the spread. We hope that everyone stays safe as we navigate this new territory together.

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