Make the night yours with these DIY date night tips

While going out with your partner is exciting and the highlight of most couple’s week, sometimes a change of pace is needed. Spending the night in is a great way for you and your special someone to recharge from the hassle of the work week. Surveys say that most the majority of working couples already struggle to find time to go out, with a staggering 18% saying they can only manage one date a month. Not only does staying in eliminate the need to scout for things to do outside the house, but spending time in private can lead to coming up with some great date ideas. Here are a few “do-it-yourself” date activities you and your partner can do to have a splendid night in together.

A Candlelit Dinner at Home

Eating out is almost always ideal, but now and then it’s good to flex your culinary skills and cook a delectable dinner at home. While a great way for getting to know a new partner, long term couples can still enjoy the fruits of their mutual labor with a comfortable home cooked meal. Take the opportunity to indulge a bit with some delicious carb heavy dishes like baked mac and cheese, or satiate your sweet tooth with some homemade candies. Take advantage of the freedom to make whatever romantic meal you think would fit best under the sensual flicker of warm candle light.

Wine and Painting

Wine and paint parties have taken off as a wildly popular date activity among young couples. While painting with others is great, making art that’s personal between you and your partner will make for a memorable and lovely night. Make sure to lay down some tarp or disposable paper, purchase some inexpensive paint and canvas, and have as much wine as your hearts desire. Get inspired by your boundless love, and let the brush do it’s thing.

Writing Love Letters

It can be tough finding the right words to describe the unconditional love you have for your partner. Taking an evening to compose heartfelt letters to one another can be a great exercise in channeling your unfathomable feelings into written words. You can ground your writing to a specific theme, like reminiscing of when you two first met, or spill your hearts onto the page with free form love poems. There are no limits to creativity when in the comfort of a loving home

Spending time with one another is important. Dates signify a couples’ willingness to coordinate and revel in each other’s love. Taking the time to get comfortable at home is sometimes all it takes to make the most out of a beautiful night together.

Jenny Lane is a freelance writer and editor. When not working she loves dedicating as much time as possible to study, including her current work for her Masters degree. She also loves to spend time with her young family, travel and swim.

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