Is botox sabotaging your orgasm?

Sometimes science asks questions that we didn't know needed to be answered. The question in question - see what I did there - centres around botox and is your stiff face leading to an equally wooden performance in the bedroom? The answer may be yes.

Research conducted by Cardiff University found that women experience less satisfying orgasms and find it harder to orgasm after having botulinum toxin treatment (Botox). If you can raise your eyebrows, you may be thinking but how is this possible? The study followed a small sample of women – 24 before and after botox, compared with 12 women who had had non-muscle restricting work done (such as skin peels). They found a significant drop in sexual satisfaction for the 13 women whose frown lines had been altered and a “near significant” drop for women who had had injections for crow’s feet and frown lines.

One reason this may be the case is that the muscles often targeted by Botox are associated with orgasm and sexual excitement, meaning one can't trick one's brain into thinking it's enjoying itself by forming a convincing orgasm face. Following along? Another reason for the results is said to be because if someone can't show their enthusiasm for the event, then their partner may not work as hard because they're not getting the right vibe.

Dr Michael Lewis, who led the research, told The Guardian: “It’s an example of how facial muscles have a feedback effect on the way that we feel, rather than just depicting what we feel inside ourselves.”

So is the key to a better orgasm simply faking it (your facial expressions) until you make it? Even Lewis thinks it may be a bit more complicated than that; “You can certainly make yourself feel better by smiling and laughing … but could you move yourself to ecstasy by producing the [associated facial expressions]? I think that’s probably less likely.”

Is this study making you reconsider your botox?

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