Sex robots to revolutionise marriage… allegedly

Sex robots are coming to shake-up traditional relationships.

Apparently, they’re not going to ruin marriages; instead, they're going to change them for the better, revolutionising human interactions much like the advent of the female contraceptive pill.

Okay, so this one may be a bit farfetched, but these are the views of Dr Marina Adshade, an expert on how technology and economics “influences sex and love”, from the University of British Columbia. Adshade recently wrote for Slate about how “we haven’t seen the end of technology-induced changes to the institution of marriage.”

Dr Adshade writes that technology shifts often drive changes in societal views and the advent of sex robots are no different.

“Technological change invariably brings social change. We know this to be true, but rarely can we make accurate predictions about how social behaviour will evolve when new technologies are introduced. For example, no one should have been surprised that improvements in birth control technologies spawned more sexually permissive societies,” Adshade says.

“But could anyone really have predicted that making it easier for women to control their fertility would lead to dramatic increases in births to unmarried women as a direct result of the loosening sexual mores that new birth control methods brought on?

"Likewise, early adopters probably knew that improvement in home production technologies would liberate women from household drudgery. But could they have known that the microwave oven would eventually contribute to societies’ more accepting attitudes toward same-sex marriage?”

It’s due to these potentially tenuous links that Adshade believes that this new technological era is going to reinvent relationships again.

“Just as these technologies were catalysts for unintended social consequences, we should expect that the proliferation of robots designed specifically for human sexual gratification means that sexbot-induced social change is on the horizon.”

So to some these links may seem a bit thin, but it probably is yet to be seen the impact that sex robots have on the notion of relationships as we know them today.

What do you think? Are you worried about the sex robot revolution? Tell us below.

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