Are long distance relationships doomed? Science says yes.

Now, in this day and age it can be argued that with the myriad of ways that we are able to communicate, it shouldn’t matter how far away a person is - if you feel a connection you can maintain it.

Wrong. Well okay, kind of wrong. A recent study from the National Science Foundation and San Diego State University (SDSU) found that despite how much people utilise social media as a way to communicate with people far and wide, distance still matters when it comes to the people we actually talk to most frequently.

"You can Skype and Zoom with anyone. People can buy anything they want from Amazon. It doesn't matter the location," said professor Ming-Hsiang Tsou, founding director of SDSU's Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age. However this isn’t the best indicator for how people actually form relationships.

"We know that people are communicating much more frequently with nearby people than those who are far away," alumnae of the university Su Yeon Han said. "Even in cyberspace, the same thing is very likely to happen because, in many cases, people get to know each other in real space and also communicate with the same people online.”

So what does this mean for long-distance relationships? Well, it could potentially mean they are doomed. However, it could also mean that the very technology mentioned above could actually keep the relationship flourishing. As Han highlights above, people are generally meeting first in real life and then continuing on the relationship. Now we all know long distance relationships are tough, but if you get to meet a few times in person and feel the spark, there’s no reason that it can’t work. However, communication is key and we don’t mean just following each other on the socials. The minute you feel overwhelmed or may be struggling with the distance, it’s important you share this ASAP. Because without communication the relationship doesn’t work, and no sliding into the DMs, make sure you pick up the phone.

Have you tried a long-distance relationship? Would you recommend it? Tell us below.

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