Getting inked for love, is it ever a good idea?

We’ve all experienced the early stages of a relationship, where we have zero doubt in our minds that it’s going to last for nothing short of forever. You can’t bear to spend any time apart, all you do is think about the other person, and basically, you morph into a single person - questioning how you ever survived without your other half.

However as time goes on, the pot often shifts from a boil to a simmer and real life can sometimes remove some of the shine of a new love. But what happens if in this new loved-up phase you chose to brand your body permanently, to declare your undying devotion to the world?

This is exactly what our favourite pop princess Ariana Grande has done. Grande has been dating her beau, Pete Davidson, for a little under three months and ignore the fact that they’re already engaged, but she also already has six tattoos that reference him. Yes, you read that right - six.

Davidson has also gotten inked to show his love, with the first tattoos the pair got, being matching of course! The first tattoos were of a set of matching clouds that appear on their left-hand middle fingers, shortly followed by two more sets of matching symbols, which read “REBORN” as well as tattoos of “H2GKMO,” which is one of Ariana’s favourite acronyms which stands for “Honest to God, knock me out.” Ariana also has a tattoo of the numbers 8418 across the top of her left ankle, which represents the badge number of her betrothed’s firefighter father who died on September 11, as well as the word “always” across her rib cage in what appears to be in the Saturday Night Live star’s handwriting.

Now, while all this ink is lovely and hopelessly romantic, what happens if forever simple translates to a few years or even a few months? Then not only do you have the pain of a break-up to deal with, but you also have the sting of tattoo removal. In Grande's case, she would have to do that six times!

We think it's best that while riding the rollercoaster of love and of a new relationship, that it's maybe best to not walk into the tattoo shop, but rather the jewellery shop. It may be more expensive, but you can always pawn bling if the relationship goes wrong, as opposed to making an appointment with a laser.

Would you ever get inked for love? Tell us below.

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