More than two decades ago, the internet was just starting to hit its stride and was becoming a common feature in homes, offices, and schools. Back then, I was obsessed with email and meeting other teens from around the world who shared my love of reading and writing. My mom was into finding recipes and reconnecting with old friends and classmates using new technology.

But many others were using the World Wide Web to find love in forums, chat rooms, and on websites dedicated to finding a partner.

One such platform, RSVP, was launched in Australia on Valentine’s Day in 1997. It was built to help Aussies virtually meet in hopes of finding someone special to connect with in the real world. Since then, the site has grown into a community of millions of members and countless success stories. At more than 20 years old, RSVP is Australia’s longest running dating site. “Many people may see online as being a relatively new way to meet people, but it’s something that we have been specialising in for two decades,” said Jen Romero, Marketing Executive at RSVP. “During this time, RSVP has shifted and changed with the needs of Australians.

The site’s success is a testament to its ease of use, high-quality matches, and a dedicated local team working behind the scenes.

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