Love Island or Oxford – which is more popular?

This sounds like a pretty straightforward question doesn’t it? However, the answer may surprise you.

Love Island has taken Australia by storm. The first season of the match making experiment has seen some 400,000 Aussies tune in several nights a week. However the show’s success in Australia pales in comparison to how the franchise is received in the land in which it was first dreamed up.

Love Island is also back in the UK and The Guardian reported this week that more people applied for the latest season of Love Island UK than they did to get in to Oxford or Cambridge. Also, it should be noted that Love Island trumped the prestigious Oxbridge duo by a fair amount.

The programme’s UK production team shared with The Guardian that more than 85,000 people wanted to find love on an island this year, while only 23,521 Brits applied to Oxford or Cambridge in 2017.

Grim isn’t it? It begs the question, which is actually harder to get into? And even more depressingly, it seems as though 85,000 people vying for some 20 places on a TV show has worse odds than getting into some of the top universities in the world.

However, maybe it could be looked through the lens of people aren’t simply trying to show off their hot and tanned bodies on TV for instant insta stardom, maybe they’re actually looking for love? Okay, even I couldn’t type that with a straight face.

The Guardian also looked into which has better prospects in terms of actually finding love? The island or Oxbridge? And while the Australian season is still yet to heed any results, the UK version has seen many lasting relationships, an engagement and even a Love Island baby. On the flip side, apparently Cambridge is the top university in the UK for “sugar daddy dating” services. So all hope’s not lost for those who chose their education over an Island romp in Spain.

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*In all transparency it should be noted that this writer is watching Love Island while typing this – no judgement here.

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