Dating and the workplace do they mix?

It’s a tale as old as time. Catching your future husband’s eye over the photocopier, or meeting your future wife at the coffee machine - ultimately wooing each other over witty Skype messages. Okay, maybe it’s not that romantic when you put it that way – however, a recent study conducted by totaljobs found that two-thirds of people are open to dating in the workplace.

The survey of more than 5,500 UK workers, found that while most were up for mixing business and pleasure, the other third didn’t think this was a good combo.

Speaking with The Independent David Brudö, CEO and co-founder of the mental well-being app Remente, said: “Most adults spend a minimum of 1,680 hours per year in the office, so you are likely to spend more time with your co-workers than almost anyone else."

"While you do not have a say in who your co-workers are, the chances are that you will have common interests," he added.

However, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t cautious when it comes to dating in the office. The same study found that 76% of people would keep an office fling a secret.

It’s pretty easy to see why because while everyone has heard of the dream scenarios when it comes to dating at work, everyone has also heard the horror stories.

"The reasons are many: you risk losing your job, becoming uncomfortable at work, or creating office drama that could hurt your professional reputation.

"Knowing that, if the relationship does not work out, it could lead to rather tarnishing consequences and can take an emotional toll on both you and the co-worker you were dating," Brudö continued.

60% of those surveyed said they felt the pressure to act more professionally when they were in a work relationship, and 51% said they were concerned about gossip. One in three people said they felt judged by their co-workers for their relationship, one in six got made fun of, and one in 10 were even discriminated against as a result. Not good.

However it’s not all terrible of course, meeting your spouse at work means that you already know your partner can interact well with others, cope well under pressure and it’s also good to be sure that your future significant other isn’t one of those people who reply's all to a company-wide e-mail. Everyone hates those people.

But in all seriousness – would you date a co-worker?

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