How to make your finances flourish alongside your relationship

We know that talking about finances isn’t the sexiest conversation in the world, however, when your relationship starts getting serious this is one potential topic that could derail even the happiest of unions.

While we can’t help you make more money, or even win the lottery (if you crack that code, tell us how), what we can share is how to not let money talk stop your relationship dead in its tracks.

Take it slow

Much like when considering whether or not you’d like to sleep with someone, sometimes it's best to take the finances chat slow. We recommend that you wait until you trust your partner fully before you decide to share your financial position because this information is incredibly sensitive.

It should be noted, that if someone you’ve never met or someone you’ve spoken to only online asks about money - do not share any sensitive information with them.

Be completely open

Once you’ve reached a stage in your relationship where you think it’s important to talk about money, we recommend you put all your cards on the table. Especially if you’ve been married before, or you’ve accumulated assets, it’s crucial you share your complete history with your significant other.

Without being fully open about your spending habits, or debt, or even money you have in the bank - it’s near impossible to form the foundation for a healthy relationship. Also, it’s crucial to remember that when you start to talk finances or combine them, your financial health is now linked to this other person. So you need to both ensure you’re honest, so that money doesn’t become an issue in your relationship or in the future.

Agree to rules of engagement

If you struggle to talk about money, maybe it’s important to agree on some rules of engagement when it comes to having the conversation. If you find yourself getting stressed, share this with your partner and communicate that you’d like to pause this conversation and have it at another time.

Another important thing to agree upon is how much each party is responsible for the financial well-being of your relationship. This can range from who pays for what, who takes ownership of what bill, or how much each of you should be saving each month to hit your shared goals. While initially having this conversation may be a little tricky, once you’ve worked out the rules of financial engagement, it sets you up for a stress-free future.

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