Mind not blown - first time sex on average ‘terrible’

More of a fizzle than a bang, a study in the US has found that more than half of relationships start with a less than satisfying sexual experience.

The study conducted by OnePoll and PureRomance (a polling company and an online sex toy retailer - we see where this is going...) found that out of 2000 Americans, 58% said the 'first time' with their partner was awkward or terrible. Not the adjectives we usually like tossed around the bedroom.

However it’s not all bad news, just 33% of respondents said they'd sever ties with a prospective partner straight away if the first sexual experience wasn't up to par. Most people are more tolerant and will take the car for a spin four to five times before making a hard call on the quality of the vehicle.

It’s not only the quality of the sex that concerns people on their first lap of a new pool, 53% of people said they worry about how their body looks before sleeping with someone for the first time and just under half (48%) said they felt anxious about being able to please a new sexual partner.

The study also drilled down into what makes for a bad sexual experience for both sexes, with women highlighting: lack of foreplay, going too fast, not reaching orgasm, dirty sheets and when men don’t reciprocate when going downtown, as things that contribute to not having a blast in bed.

Men, on the other hand, stated: not reaching orgasm, lack of foreplay, lack of oral reciprocation, going too fast and erection difficulty after drinking, as their main turn-offs. What a shock dirty sheets didn’t make the cut.

Most importantly though, 71% of respondents said that they didn’t believe a bad first sexual encounter would go on to define the greater relationship. So you know what they say, sometimes you just have to dust yourself off and get back up on that horse. Giddy up.

What are bedroom deal breakers for you? Tell us below:

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