Get your hands off it – how to not let your phone ruin your relationship

While mobile phones have brought about the advent of many amazing things, from snake to the ability to make calls (yes I put snake ahead of phone calls), they have also become an issue in many a relationship.

According to a poll in The Sun newspaper, more than 60% of people have fought with their significant others about their phone use – actually 64% to be exact. That makes for a lot of arguments. So how do you not let your phone get in the way of your relationship?

Allocate phone free time

We get it – you need to keep across what’s happening on Instagram, but what if between the hours of 8 pm and 9 pm you keep your hands off it? (your phone that is). Obviously, pick a time that works for you and your partner, but finding an hour to just spend time with one another could really do wonders for the communication in your relationship.

Have a phone free bedroom

The bedroom is for sleeping, and well not sleeping – so it should be a phone free zone. We know – your phone is also your alarm clock, but go to Ikea and get an old school clock, or use the sun like the cavemen used to do, we don’t really care. What we care more about is that you’re actually using your bedroom for its intended use, not for fishing for likes.

Establish phone etiquette

If you do really need to use your phone during dinner or another important occasion, make sure you share with your partner why you’re doing so. Potentially what is causing these phone fights is the lack of communication as to why your partner is staring at their square screen. However, if you explain that you need to take an important phone call for work, or you simply must post your selfie now to make the most of PLT (peak like time – it’s a thing and all insta models know about it) then maybe your partner will be more understanding.

But really as the weather changes – maybe it’s time to change your behaviour with the seasons. Use this Saturday night to crack open a bottle of red, put your phone down and spend time cosying up to you SO. Trust us, it’ll be much more fun than facebook stalking!

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