How to score your very own Prince or Princess - Meghan Markle style

With the May nuptials just around the corner, Royal Wedding talk has hit fever pitch. But across the pond, it’s understandable that many Australians couldn’t care less about the wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. However, what if there’s something to be learnt from the Royal couple?

Because after all, running away with a Prince's heart is something that more than a few of us have dreamed about, and we believe there’s actually a few tips from this famous relationship that us commoners from the commonwealth could benefit from.

Keep your relationship on the down low.

It’s normal in any new relationship to want to shout how happy you are from the rooftops. However, sometimes a little discretion could actually be key to living happily ever after. It’s rumoured that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dated for six months before the press even started getting the first hints of their blossoming relationship. Now, we get their relationship is probably slightly different from that of the average Joe’s, however sometimes taking time to get to know your partner without outside pressures can do wonders for growing relationships. Think about it. The minute you start telling the world about your partner and bringing in your friends and family to the mix, things can get stressful quick smart. So why not take some time to get to know your partner without any external pressures?

Be willing to compromise for love.

Before meeting her Prince, Meghan was a popular actress on the television program Suits. However, since getting serious with Harry, she has had to walk away from the show and also stop side projects such as her fashion and lifestyle blog. Now we’re not suggesting in any way that you should give up the things you love for your partner, but when you become a couple, compromise becomes crucial to the success of any partnership. Without being open to compromise, it could be said that your relationship is doomed to fail from the start because you’re starting to build something together when you get in a relationship so being willing to grow together is crucial. So let’s shut down those blogs ladies!

Winning over their family is crucial.

Now you’ve quit your top rating TV show, and you have managed to keep your relationship out of the public eye until you were ready. Now there’s just the hurdle of getting the family’s seal of approval. Literally, the Queen has to write a letter saying you can get married - but I digress. In all seriousness, meeting your partners family is a big step. Hopefully, for normal people, there’s fewer corgis and more warmth. However, there may not be. For most, not getting along with their family can be a relationship deal breaker, so if it is important to your partner, you need to make sure you take this step seriously. We recommend coming prepared. Never show up empty-handed, polish up those manners and also try and foster relationships with your partners family that goes beyond simply the fact that you're dating. Go for a walk with his mum, go fox hunting with her dad (or simply go to the pub with him), help his brother with a job interview. Whatever it may be, just show you’re interested and that you care, and you’ll be sure to get the Royal seal of approval in no time.

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