Making more money is good; making a mess is bad - what concerns your SO?

We all have annoying habits. Biting our nails, drinking out of the bottle and using the chair in the corner of the bedroom as a permanent wardrobe.

However, which habit makes your significant other the most uncomfortable? According to a study of thousands of brits; who had 30 annoying attributes put in front of them, they rated messiness as being the characteristic that made them the most frustrated.

Seven in 10 (71%) respondents said that they would feel uncomfortable with a partner who cared a lot less about being clean and tidy than they do. By contrast, only 21% would be bothered by a partner who cared more about being clean.

Coming out of left field, brits don’t really want to date someone who’s not as smart as them. Just over half of those surveyed (53%) said they are uncomfortable being with someone much less intelligent than them, although only 20% would be bothered by the opposite problem – having a partner who is a bit of a brain.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, most of the survey participants don't mind at all if they’re partner brings home the bank. More than 80% said they are very much comfortable if their partner makes more than them. Interestingly this didn’t really differ between men and women, so maybe the days of men being intimated by high powered lady bosses are over? However, when it comes to making less than your partner, this prospect made 30% of women uncomfortable, whereas it only bothered 13% of men.

When it comes to sex drive though, there is a difference between how men and women feel. Having a partner with a much higher sex drive would bother 46% of women but only 20% of men – a difference of 26 percentage points. However, there is much less of a difference when it comes to a partner with a much lower sex drive, which bothers 42% of men and 36% of women.

What would make you uncomfortable in a relationship? What are your deal breakers?

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