Are you broke? We have the last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for you

Okay, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you left your gift buying to the very last minute. You may have done this because you still have a credit card bill from Christmas (you’re not alone).

So what do you do if you’re broke, but want to show your partner that you care? Well, you’ve come to the right place because below we’re going to put our best (cheap) Valentine’s Day gift ideas. You’re welcome.

“I love you because" jars.

Now, this trend has taken Pinterest by storm and it’s for good reason. For this gift, all you need is a pen, some paper, a jar and your imagination.

If you’re perplexed about what this gift even is - an “I love you because" jar is where you think of as many reasons as you can for why you love (or like, or care for - there’s no need to get hung up on the L-word) your partner and then you add each one to the jar. Simples. Then, when your partner is feeling low or wants a pick-me-up, they can pull out your mini note and remember why you care for them.

Some people go all out with this one, they write 365 notes so that their partners can feel loved every day of the year. Obviously, you have left this to the last minute, so maybe stick with 30 little reasons, that way your Valentine can at least feel loved for the month of February (and some days of March).

An indoor picnic.

Australia this time of year is bloody hot. There’s no snuggling to keep warm, there are no hot chocolates and there’s definitely no toasting marshmallows on an open fire.

Also, the traditional romantic picnic is a risky idea in February because evening storms are likely and flies are most definitely going to steal all your food. Never fear though, you can take your picnic indoors. This may sound lame, but hear us out.

Go to Coles (or Woolies or Aldi - we don’t judge) and buy you and your partner's favourite snacks. We’re talking hummus, chips, nuts - whatever. Now find a rug and lay it in the middle of your living room floor - or whichever space in your home fits a rug. Put together your glorious spread, light some candles and have a good old fashioned picnic.

Why is this a great idea? Well the elements can’t get in your way, you get to have a quirky date night and thirdly you’re already at home, so there’s no drive back to someones house post picnic. Thank us later.

Do something you would never do.

This one is slightly abstract - but not only is it free - but we think it could score you some serious V Day brownie points.

Are you always on your phone? Are you a remote hog? Are you always the one who has the plans made for you, not the other way around?

Well then consider this Valentine’s Day the new opposite day. Personally, we think it can be pretty romantic to turn to your partner, hand them the remote and allow them to put on that god awful romantic comedy and/or war film and get engrossed in it with them. Or if your phone is your vice, look your partner in the eyes and promise one whole night sans your mobile. These little things may sound simple, but by taking a bug bare of your partners and addressing it, in a fun and playful way, you never know what may be your reward.

Got a fun/ cheap VDay gift idea? Tell us in the comments below!

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