Warts and all – how long until we reveal our true selves in relationships?

At what point in a relationship does ‘Netflix and chill’ go from a sexy code, to actually watching Netflix and drinking wine on the couch?

Apparently, for women, it’s as little as one to three months, whereas when a man says: ‘Let’s pop on Netflix’, he doesn’t intend on actually watching that David Attenborough documentary for at least a year into a relationship.

This finding comes from a greater relationship study, which delves into the love lives of more than 1000 brits. Conducted by mattress company, Mattress Online, the study looks at when members of the opposite sex are more likely to reach the big relationship milestones such as; saying I love you, talking about starting a family and when it’s okay to show your ‘true self’ to your partner.

When it comes to declaring your love for one another, over half the people surveyed would wait at least three months before saying the ‘L word’. One-third of women surveyed would also have no problem saying it between one to three months of a new relationship. However, the real shocker here is that men are twice as likely as women to declare their love after just one week of knowing someone.

The next insight comes as less of a shock, however, with men being more likely to choose sex over a good night sleep. Men will start to favour more sleep after a few years in a relationship, whereas as soon as a relationship is a year old, 66% of women would pick getting more shut-eye versus a night of doing the horizontal tango.

Regarding which gender is more likely to relax their appearance first, this one may also not come as much of a surprise, with more than 50% of men relaxing their physical appearance after six months, compared to just a quarter of women. The majority of women surveyed like to keep up a pristine appearance for at least the first year of a new relationship.

In summary of their own study, the site explained that overall, men are quicker to dive into relationships and are happy to reveal their warts and all true selves within the first six months. Whereas, women are quicker to explain their likes and dislikes early on, but delay unveiling their past and potentially less glamorous side until they feel they’re in a loving relationship.

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