YOU... are the best gift this Valentine's Day

Whilst Valentine's Day has received some bad press over the years - so many of us still adore it. That’s because, no matter how it started, Valentines’ will always be a day symbolic of love and romance - and let’s be honest, we all want that.

But forget the flowers or chocolates this Valentines’, charm your date by giving the best gift of all. You.

Embrace the simplicity of sharing your true self and enjoy the lighter side of life. Forget the stresses and strains, and focus on the adventurous, silly, intimate, creative, honest and impulsive you.

Not sure where to start? A new and playful book Lust at First Bite helps couples create memorable moments together. The book contains recipes for food and drinks paired with fun and creative ideas for couples to try together. Some sweet and romantic, some light and adventurous, and some just a little bit naughty.

Each chapter in Lust at First Bite has been carefully crafted to encourage good communication, respect, intimacy and honesty in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether on one of your first dates, or in a longer relationship, Lust at First Bite will help you discover the joy of sharing a beautiful life together in a loving relationship.

So whatever you do this Valentine's day, give a little piece of your lighter side. Talk honestly, have fun, be happy and enjoy this romantic day with someone special.

Pick up your very own copy of "Lust at First Bite" and get 30% off with promo-code DATEHUB0218.

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