Women are more attracted to men with higher salaries - thanks science

2018 may be the year you need to be looking for a new job.

In the dying days of 2017, scientists were able to quantify what many of us have anecdotally known for our whole lives. Women are more attracted to men who make good money.

A study recently released by the official journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society investigated the key factors that women genuinely rely on when it comes to picking a partner. The researchers found that while ‘economic status’ (aka how rich a person is) is usually seen by women as a marker of their potential interest in a date, they have now found a way to prove this to be true.

In the study, images of male and female body shape were combined with information on annual salary to try and understand the influence of economic status on how attractive people found members of the opposite sex.

The results spoke for themselves. It was found that women were four times more likely to rate someone more attractive when their salary was known to them. The report also noted that these results indicate that having a higher salary as a man can offset pesky things such as having “lower physical attractiveness”.

The journal points out that women may think this way because of the biological urge to find someone with the skills to be able to care for her children, if and when she has them. It’s this same biological urge that can see men being attracted to women of a certain age, aka those who are fertile and able to have children.

If you haven’t got a good job or if you missed the bitcoin boat, it’s not all bad news. Other recent studies into this same area have found that women are also attracted to physically strong men, and they’re also attracted to smart men.

So if boosting your salary is out of the question maybe pick up a book or some dumbbells instead.

Think this study is BS – tell us in the comments below.

Link to main study

Link to study about women liking men who are physically strong

Link to study about women being attracted to smart men

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