YAS: Results of the same-sex marriage vote revealed

Australia votes yes to marriage equality! It’s been a long time coming, but Australia has finally voted in favour of same-sex couples being able to legally marry. There's been three months of campaigning and more than one hundred million-dollars spent, but today history has been made.

Photo credit @News.com.au

Revealing the results this morning, Australia’s top statistician David W. Kalisch said: “For the national result, yes responses 7,817,247 representing 61.6% of clear responses. That’s 61.6% of clear responses were yes." Prior to the results being announced this morning, the Australian Bureau of Statistics outlined to News.com.au that 12.6 million of the 16 million eligible voters had posted their vote, which equates to a massive 78.5% return rate. To put that in perspective, when it comes to recent big global decisions, the number of postal votes received in Aus is more than the number of Brits that turned out to vote on the controversial Brexit decision and it’s also higher than the number of Americans that turned out to vote in its latest Presidential election. This momentous decision now sees Australia join the other 25 countries that legalised same-sex marriage in recent years. To mark this occasion there are several parties going on around Australia, with 5 pm seeing a giant rainbow flag being erected above Taylor Square in Darlinghurst. So we’ve now got the result we wanted, but when will this decision actually be enacted into law? Well, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull previously told News.com.au that the government would aim to move the bill through parliament before Christmas. “If there is a Yes vote, then we will ensure there is a private members bill to legalise same-sex marriage and I have no doubt the parliament will deal with that before we all break up in December,” he said. Well let’s watch this space, but from our point of view, you’ve done good Australia.

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