Taking off - how to travel with your Significant Other

As the weather starts to remind us that summer is just around the corner, it’s hard not to think about the end of year holidays that are fast approaching.

Whether it’s a road trip that tickles your fancy or simply finding a beach on the coast and not moving for a whole week. There’s nothing better than a summer holiday.

But what if you’ve recently started a relationship or if you’ve been together for a little longer but have never taken that holiday step? Well if you’re ready to dive into holidaying with your SO - then these tips will make sure your summer is so good you’ll want to sing about it.

Take the pressure down.

If this is your first time travelling together, maybe now is not the time to book a trip that involves two flights, a ferry ride, and a submarine to get you both to your holiday location. ‘But the underwater caves in Bora Bora,’ you cry? As magnificent as this made up location sounds, the first time a couple venture on a break together it should be relaxing for both parties. No one needs to be stressing about missed connections or oversized baggage. Instead, your biggest worry should be, do you stop at Maccas or KFC on the freeway?

Give each other space.

For some, this may be the first stretch of time that you’ve spent completely together, as in no nights apart, no days at work, just 24/7 couple time. Now, this is great in theory, but even the perfect relationships need a bit of breathing room. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one of you needs to remove yourself from the holiday for a day; it just means that maybe you could take a book or buy the newspaper and suggest that you both read or veg out for a few hours. You could also go for a swim on your own or a walk, just to give your partner a bit of space to relax solo.

Switch off.

Today we’re connected to our devices 24/7. We’re always on and always contactable. However, holidays should be about switching off and focusing on the only connections that really count, face-to-face ones. Not only will switching off your devices and undertaking in a digital detox of sorts, be healing for you, but it could also have untold benefits for your partner and for your relationship. *Out of office is on.

Create memories.

It’s often been suggested that the best way to maintain a great relationship is to try new things together and continue to create memories, and what better time to do this that when you're on holiday together? It can be a bit of a misnomer that to create memories you need to do something grand, or put in a tonne of effort for your partner. But really, when we look back on times in our lives that contain our favourite memories, we remember less about what actually happened but more so about how we felt in those moments. So, grab your partner's hand and go for a walk on the beach, or set up a small picnic for the pair of you, or write them a letter, the options are endless. You never know, these little gestures could turn into memories that you both share for years to come.

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