How to avoid horrifying dates all year round

It’s been the week for scary stories and chocolate-induced stomach aches, however, for some it isn’t just Halloween that strikes fear straight into their hearts. Getting out there, going on dates and meeting people can be horrifying for some, however the thought of venturing out for a new experience shouldn’t make your skin crawl, but instead, it should feel exciting. Think it’s impossible to turn a horror story into a fairytale? Well, follow these tips to ensure you don’t have a scary date ever again.

Go in with an open mind. Nothing will kill a date quicker than a spooky never-ending silence. Anything that’s worthwhile takes effort, and that definitely goes for dating. You need to go into any new date or adventure with an open mind. If you go in assuming you’ll have nothing to talk about, and that it will be awkward, well then it most likely will be. But if you go in feeling positive and expecting to have a good time, you never know what could happen. Be upfront. Got a superhero identity that you’re concealing? Okay, that’s a bit extreme on the Halloween theme, but if there’s something you want or don't want from a relationship be upfront and open when having a conversation with someone. That doesn’t mean we recommend demanding a ring on date one, but if someone is talking about having a desire to travel and not settle down, and your wants are the exact opposite of that, it’s okay to express this. But communication is crucial, there’s no need to write someone off because of what they’ve said from night one, just share what you want and how you feel, and from there you can evaluate if you see value in seeing each other again. Shake it up. If you always go to the same bar for your first dates, how can you expect to not see a few ghosts of relationships past? It’s hard not to be spooked by what’s happened before, especially if you continue to follow the same patterns. Also, there’s a lot to be said for how a change of scenery may give you a new perspective about what you actually want from a potential partner. So, if you don’t want to continue to be haunted by previous bad dates, either put some sage in your purse or choose a new venue. Don’t be afraid to call it a night. Worried about your carriage turning into a pumpkin? Or just making the last city rider? Okay, so we’re not just talking about the pure logistics of ending a night out, there’s the uber app for that. What we’re talking about is, if you think the date has run its course, don’t be afraid of calling it a night. Even if that’s after one drink, or dinner and a movie, or after the sun has come up, it’s really up to you. However, there’s no point in sticking around if you’re simply not feeling it. Because the next time you go out, of course, all you’re going to think about is that whole night you spent trying to gel with someone who wasn’t right. Take the reins, call it a night when it suits you and banish the bad date spirits for good. One bad date doesn't mean you’re cursed for life. Every experience brings with it new opportunities, so shake off the cobwebs because it’s a new month and the fear should be gone for at least another year.

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