Is it ever okay to tell white-lies online?

Unfortunately, there are some people online who are deceptive about their identity. They may just be shy, self-conscious or they may be deliberately trying to deceive, these people are called catfish.

Obviously trying to actively deceive people online, even if the motive isn’t purely sinister is absolutely wrong. However what if people are bending the truth, not telling outright lies online, is that wrong?

Recently a trend called ‘kitten-fishing’ is being talked about more and more, with this practice being defined by Urban Dictionary as “making yourself seem different than you actually are on online dating websites.”

Examples of this could be, using photos from a long time ago, exaggerating your skills or talents, shaving a few years off your age, etc.

Now in the age of social media, we’re all guilty of using the odd filter and flattering angle for photographs we put up online, however, is putting the best version of yourself out there really an online dating crime?

Probably the best yardstick for a question such as this is, how would you feel if a date you met online told little white lies so that when you met them in real life, they seemed like a different person? We’re assuming the answer isn’t a positive one.

While we know this is definitely a murky conundrum, we believe the moral of this story is honesty is the best policy, because in the long-run it’s best to start a connection with someone based on truth, rather than a lie (even if it’s just a little white lie).

How do you feeling about kitten-fishing, tell us below.

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