Guys - isn't it time you thought outside the square? 10 signs you're too picky

I've always been a big advocate of being patient and selective when it comes to dating. Knowing your likes and dislikes and being clear on your deal-breakers. This allows you to be more targeted and efficient in your dating approach, and you can make more informed judgements rather than ones based on anxiety and panic.

However in saying this, there are a number of guys out there that are too strict with their dating criteria. They have a list of expectations that is exhaustingly long, and their standards are inflexible and unrelenting. They don't think outside the square at all, but rather, stick closely to their unwavering unrealistic dating criteria. The end result - these guys stay single. Now if you think you may be one of these types, then you'll notice a number of tell tale signs that indicate you're being too picky when it comes to love: 1) You always break-up with people 2) You need 10 minutes just to describe your ideal woman 3) You often turn down dates before you've even met them 4) You never compromise on specific female looks and appearance 5) You have a long checklist of standards that keeps growing 6) Your friends and family say you're too picky 7) You're always right and never say sorry 8) You believe the grass is always greener 9) You focus on your date's flaws rather than celebrate their positives 10) You obsess about your future and worry that they might mess up your long-term plans Now I'm not saying that you have to do away with your likes and dislikes, and completely discard your deal-breakers. Far from it. What I'm pointing out is that for some of you guys, you've gone too far. The very standards and checklists that you've created to help you out in the dating game, are actually holding you back. So take a step back and re-evaluate your dating approach. Get outside the square and begin dating some different types of women and be open to doing different things. Let go of control and allow them to lead, be curious rather than judgemental, and see where it leads you. At the moment, your unrelenting standards make you too hard to date, so be more flexible and you might be surprised with who comes into your life!

John Aiken, RSVP dating and relationship expert, as seen on the hit show Married At First Sight, and on Ch 9’s Today show, Today Extra and A Current Affair. He is a best-selling author, regularly appears on radio and in magazines, runs a private practice in Sydney, and is a sought after speaker. (

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