The great age debate – do differences really matter?

This week France voted in a new President, and he’s already generating international buzz.

Emmanuel Macron became the youngest French head of state since Napoleon, when he defeated the far-Right Candidate Marine Le Pen in the French Elections over the weekend. However, this isn’t what’s gaining the 39-year-old serious attention.

The thing that many are finding most interesting about President-elect is the fact that his wife is 25 years his senior. Brigitte Trogneux is 64-years-old and was Macron’s high school drama teacher when they first met, with the pair marrying in 2007.

What we found most confusing about the global attention being placed on the new President and First Lady of France, is the fact that when the age difference is reversed, most don’t seem to bat an eyelid.

When we move to a different continent, there’s a similar age gap between another high-profile couple. Has anyone here heard of the Trumps? There is a 23-year age gap between the 70-year-old US President and his third wife, Melania, who is 47.

Closer to home, there’s also a sizeable age gap between Australian actor Hugh Jackman, 48, and his actress and director wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 61. The pair celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary this year, with the 13-year age difference clearly not getting in the way of their relationship.

The point here is, do age gaps really matter? Our two cents are that if you’re happy and you’re in a loving relationship – who cares.

But tell us what you think below? Would you date someone a lot older or younger than you?

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