Phubbing: Is your mobile ruining your relationships?

The smartphone now sits at the centre of most people’s universe. Phones are used for much more than making calls and sending texts these days; they’re used for everything from banking to ordering food to online dating (download our app 😉).

It’s likely you’re very much aware of how dependent on your phone you are. However, what if the invisible cord that ties us to these devices is ruining the real-world connection, you may be trying to forge with those around you.

While most people know that being on your phone while you’re on a date is a well-known no-no, many may not know that ‘phubbing’ is on the rise and it is a silent sabotager.

Firstly, what is phubbing? Not another buzzword I can hear you sigh. This word is defined as: 'The practice of ignoring one's companion or companions in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile device.' Simple enough? But how do you stop this behaviour?

See our top tips to not let phubbing ruin your date.

Make it a game:

Going around the internet is a game of phones type experiment, and here at Date Hub, we love it. It’s very simple. All you have to do is put your phones in the centre of the table and the first person to check their device pays for dinner. The game doesn’t care if you’re waiting for an important call or text, rules are rules. If no one touches their phone, then the bill gets split. How is that for some 21st-century dating!

Leave it at home (or in your bag):

Some people may find this tip slightly controversial, but what would happen if you left your phone at home? Many of you may be screaming: ‘How will we kill time?’ Or ‘how will we let our date know we’re at the meeting place?’. For point one, you could take a book or get used to your own company, and for point two, let your date know ahead of time where you’ll be and what you’re wearing as an identifier. But we know this is a bit radical, so perhaps simply leave your phone in your bag or pocket for the entirety of the date. Once you’ve told your date where you are, you have no further need for your phone, trust us.

Admitting you have a problem, is the first step:

Maybe you just need to tell your date the truth. That you can’t keep your hands off it. We’re still talking about mobile phone; just in case you were wondering. But by admitting to your date that it’s killing you not to touch your phone, and by asking your date to help keep you honest, it may even become a point of conversation. This could even lead to you having a ‘no tech’ partner in crime. You never know, you may no longer be able to hold your phone, but there may be someone else’s hand there instead.

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