Texting nightmares – the first date edition

Sometimes first dates don’t go as planned. Sometimes the person is late, or you spill coffee all over yourself, or sometimes you just don’t hit it off romantically.

But what happens when the admission that you don’t see it going any further between you, causes an all-out war? This is exactly what happened to one Reddit user who decided to let a date know that he didn’t see them being together and suggested they become friends and let’s just say it didn’t go well.

At first, the pair seemed to be on the same page, but as the texts uploaded show, it went downhill very quickly. See all the messages below for yourself.

Image credit: Reddit user ToastedCookieOats

The thing that's dividing team DateHub is, what caused this meltdown when everyone seemed to be getting along?

Some believe there's psychology at play around is the lady in the situation only offended when she also feels the cruel sting of rejection? Or has she simply had a bad day? Tell us what you think below.

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