More beauty than beast – film a must see

It’s a tale as old as time, you ask someone out and have no clue where to take them on your impending date.

Have no fear, because the latest Disney live-action remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast is a sure-fire first date winner.

Image credit: @beautyandthebeast Instagram

Now, some of you may be thinking, ‘isn’t that movie for kids?’ Technically the answer is yes, but we can assure you, this latest blockbuster has something for everyone.

There’s singing, there’s dancing, and there’s even an angry mob. Everyone will be a winner.

What makes it a great first date movie is you know what you’re going to get. For example, you’re not going to walk into Girl on the Train assuming it’s a romcom and discover upon watching it, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Corkscrew anyone?

If Disney movies aren’t your thing, you better settle in because there are currently 19 Disney live-action remakes in the works, from Mulan to The Little Mermaid. So, we recommend you dip your toe into the fairytale pool now because there’s a tsunami coming your way.

And while it is unlikely that this film will hit the same spots as say a Fast and the Furious movie, however in terms of a bit of light entertainment, you can’t go wrong. Our advice on this one is to invite someone to be your guest!

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

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