Young buck wrestles croc for love – would you?

Out of all the things people have done for love, this may be one of the most dangerous.

You may have seen the news reports about an 18-year-old who over the weekend jumped into crocodile infested waters in far-north Queensland. Soon after jumping in, Lee De Paauw, was quickly grabbed by a croc and managed to break-free, however he did nearly lose his arm in the process.

The incident was first said to be the result of an alcoholic fueled prank, however this story has taken an unexpected turn, when De Paauw revealed that he jumped into the murky water to impress a girl who was watching on the shore.

According to, De Paauw told Nine’s Today program that he had been promised a date by British backpacker Sophie Paterson who bore witness to the whole incident.

However, his dreams may have already been dashed when Paterson told Seven’s Sunrise that: “Risking your life, there is nothing funny about that. I’m not impressed by somebody risking their life.”

All my not be lost though, with Paterson adding that she may try and see him in hospital.

“I had the intention of driving to the hospital the next morning but he was moved to Cairns.

“I’ll try to pop up at the weekend if I can. I have a commitment to a job that I can’t get out of,” she added.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a date? Tell us below:

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