Want to avoid a dinner party debacle – MAFS tells us what not to do

Taking your significant other to meet your friends and or family for the first time, this is always a daunting moment in any relationship. However luckily for us, the newlyweds on Married At First Sight (we know they’re not legally married) have given us some fantastic insight into how not to handle a dinner party situation with your partner.

Be a team:

Entering any new situation is likely to come with uncertainty, however combat it together by sticking together. Show you’re a united front by holding hands or by simply by sitting together. Utilising such none verbal queues can show others and even reassure your SO that you’re on the same side. An example of what not to do would be facing away from each other all night and refusing to acknowledge each other, in the manner that Cheryl and Andrew did. By adopting this behaviour it was made clear to the other couples that all was not well with the pair.

Don’t air your dirty laundry with others:

This may seem like a basic requirement, but if MAFS has taught us anything it’s that sometimes the basics get thrown out the window. The simple step here is, if your partner asks you not to say anything to the wider group – then don’t. It’s literally that easy. Don’t pull an Andrew and start sharing the fact that you’re living separately or aren’t really working out. This will almost always end in (Cheryl’s) tears.

Be respectful:

Again – we thought this was pretty straightforward, but if MAFS is anything to go by, some people still need help in this department too. Let’s start with what is not respectful. Imitating your partner right to their face, lying to them and worst of all making it clear to the group that you’re not interested in your partner. What a combo. The couple to emulate in this situation would be Sean and Susan. They always seem to have an arm around each other and are always willing to stick up for one another.

Lay off the alcohol:

Now having one drink is probably not going to cause the mother of all meltdowns, however sinking several wines at a dinner party is never a good call, especially when there are cameras, but I digress. In all social situations, it’s always best to have your wits about you and this is particularly important when you’re trying to impress a date. So maybe don’t pull a Nick and go toe-to-toe with red wine, because we all remember how that ended up.

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