How to ensure your date isn’t a disaster

Don’t want your date to be as awkward as the 2017 Oscars? Here are a few simple tips to avoid dating disasters to ensure that you have an award-winning night.

Be on time.

While we don’t believe your date could be as awkward as what happened at this year’s Oscars, nothing leaves people unimpressed quicker than not valuing and respecting their time. Being punctual is crucial to making a good first impression, and in the world of dating, there’s nothing more vital.

Turn your phone on silent (points for switching it off).

It’s rare these days for people not to be glued to their phones, but in our books sitting on your phone during a date is as much of a sin as reading the wrong winner out at the Oscars. Some people do need to have their phone on. However, that doesn’t mean it needs to be on the table, at least leave in in your pocket. Giving your date your full attention could go a long way.

Make eye contact.

It has been long known that eye contact is the way that you can show a date that you’re interested and listening to what they have to say, so look up and stare into your date's eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and what better way to get to know your date than a longing stare?

Ask questions.

Nobody has any interest in listening to a diatribe about someone’s personal life which they’ve only known for 15 minutes. To avoid being that person, ask questions. They could be as simple as what they do for a living or spice it up by not only asking the basic list of first date questions but by asking what inspired them to enter the profession they did, ask about their passions and even their pet peeves. You may even find they hate people who don’t ask questions as much as we do.

Go in with an open mind.

It’s pretty easy to tell if your date would rather be somewhere else. We’ve all been there, as the time to leave the house for a date approaches the allure of the couch and track pants grows stronger. However, if you go into any event, dates included, already thinking it’s going to be worse than a night of Netflix minus the chill then it’s highly likely you’ll be right. But, if you go in with an open mind, you never know where the date could go.

Get all these things right and no doubt you’ll be taking home an Academy Award for being the best first date ever.

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