Holy pop-up – Gaytime’s get customisable

What you need to know:

Cost: $6 per Gaytime + $6 per tin of crumbs Time: From 9am. Get there early – because you’ll have to wait at peak times Locations: Sydney: Topshop Topman Sydney City store from 18th January - Melbourne: Topshop Topman Emporium store from 20th January

Today, all our pop-up dreams came true.

This may sound a bit extreme, but hear us out. It’s rare that all the stars align and make standing in line worth it.

In Sydney today, Streets launched a pop-up in collaboration with Top Shop which gives shoppers and Gaytime fans alike the ability to customise and create their very own Gaytime. Yes, you read that write.

Called the Crumb Shed, ice-cream officiandos can take this childhood classic and give it a modern twist with this pop-up allowing you to choose from five specially crafted and limited edition crumbs.

These unique toppings feature everything from the original vanilla crumb we all know and love to potato chips and even edible glitter.

This pop-up doesn’t just involve having the Gaytime of your dreams being handmade in front of your very eyes, you can also purchase individual tins of Gaytime crumbs to carry around with you, for whenever you need a pick me up.

Because we don’t want any of our loyal Date Hub readers going into any experience unprepared, we rushed down to the pop-up to ensure it lived up to the hype. And all we can say is you won’t be disappointed.

When taste testing, we opted for the Unicorn Breath and the Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime, and even though we’re usually a chatty pair, not a word was uttered while we took in the glory that was our very own Gaytimes.

Not in Sydney? Melbournians, you’ll get your very own chance to experience this pop-up from Friday (20 January).

Our recommendation is get down there ASAP, and why not bring a date? Because remember, you can’t have a Gaytime on your own.

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