Does your dating life need a New Year’s shake up?

While the new year, new you diatribe can be tiresome, there may be some merit in shaking up your circumstances to attract a different outcome in 2017.

While most people take this approach with several aspects of their lives, such as their exercise and eating regimes, maybe it’s time we took the same method to overhauling our love lives as the calendar clicks over to a new year.

Much like swapping fries for celery, what would happen if instead of doing what we’ve always done, we change up our behavior? See some of our suggestions below and let us know if by changing how you’ve always done things, it changes how the cards fall.

Online to offline?

We all know the feeling of experiencing great chat with someone online and being daunted by the thought of taking it offline. But what if by bringing the conversation into the real world, it allows you to cement a genuine spark? If you’ve always been an online warrior, maybe 2017 is your year to cut down on the online banter and get to talking face-to-face. You never know where it may lead.

Dinner and drinks for brunch

Night owls may not like this swap, but hear us out. What if you took the blanket of night and swapped it for the light of day? You ditch the cocktails for the coffee; this may upset those who need a little liquid courage, but without crutches, by showing your true self, it may lead to creating an honest connection, rather than one fueled by a night out.

Inner West to the Eastside

Leaving our comfort zone is scary, especially if you’ve always lived (and dated) in the same area. But why not get out of your postcode and try something new. Sydney (even as Australia’s largest city) really isn’t that big. But if you want the actual distance it’s about 12kms from Balmain to Bondi, so go from west to east or vice versa, and you may be surprised by who you might meet.

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