Find a Keeper - next wave of ads released

Putting the toilet seat down, enjoying video games as much as you do, or finding someone who can handle stressful situations, there are several ways in which you know you’ve found a keeper.

Being released today are the latest in RSVP’s advertising series, which highlight that moment in a blossoming relationship when you’ve found a person who’s worth keeping around.

These new ads compliment the previous spots in the series, which showed similar moments when couples knew they’d found a keeper, such as: When they received a foot rub or someone was willing to leave their comfort zone for you, by doing something such as a yoga class.

The original campaign launched in September, with the creative idea being centered around that ‘hallelujah’ moment when singles realised they’ve found a keeper. These ads are a continuation of the ‘Find a Keeper’ tagline, which launched in 2015.

“With this campaign, we wanted to capture those moments when people realise they’ve found a keeper. We believe that there’s no better dating site than RSVP to experience such moments, because only at RSVP can users find quality dates and the potential for meeting new people is endless,” says CEO of RSVP Dave Heysen.

“There’s a lot of noise now in the online dating market, however at Australia’s largest and oldest online dating site, there’s no better place to find your keeper, whoever they may be,” he added.

Independent advertising agency Core created the ads, and you can watch the ad for yourself below:

How do you know if you’ve found a keeper? Tell us below:

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