Seven stages of organising your New Years Eve plans

Photo credit: City of Sydney NYE16 website

If you’ve ever found yourself without plans on New Year’s Eve – You may recognise all these seven stages of planning your best NYE ever. If you still don’t have New Year’s plans, this post may be too real for you. You’ve been warned.

Shock – It’s pretty hard to believe that NYE is less than two weeks away. At this stage a lot of people have organised their plans, but for those who haven’t, this is when shock starts to set in. Those unorganized few thought they had ample time.

“It’s not even Christmas yet”, you mutter, as it’s quickly realised that everything you thought could be cool is either ridiculously expensive or is completely sold out.

Guilt – Shock quickly turns to guilt, when you realise that you were tasked with coming up with the best New Year’s ever and you still have nothing planned. Now there’s only one viable option you’re left with.

Bargaining – “Hey mate, do you still own that boat?” When you start asking Facebook acquaintances these type of questions you know you’ve entered the bargaining stage. Pulling favors is one thing, just ensure that you’re not becoming that person who appears every Boxing Day, hoping for someone to gift you their apartment with water views for the big fireworks display.

Depression – That’s it. You’re spending this New Year’s Eve with your mum and her two cats. Everything is booked, everyone is busy and if the way you spend NYE determines the rest of your year, 2017 is going to consist of a lot of lonely nights.

It’s okay. We’ve all been here – but don’t worry, there’s still hope for your NYE yet.

The upward turn – “What? You want me to come and hang out with you on your roof top terrace on New Year’s?!” After a few tense days, things are starting to look up. A trickle has turned into a flood and you now have a few options regarding where you’d like to spent the first night of 2017. A rooftop? A party? The ball is now in your court.

Working through: Now you have to choose. The success of your NYE16/17 now lies in your hands. What will you do? Don’t blow it now, otherwise all this mental angst will have been for nothing.

Acceptance: It’s 5pm on the big night. You’ve made your choice and you’re getting ready for a night to remember. You probably could have remembered earlier that New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the most overrated night in the social calendar, however it’s too late now. You’ve turned down your mum and there’s no time like the present to rid yourself of the demons of 2016 and get to ringing in 2017.

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