Why summer is the best season to date

December is just around the corner and we all know what that means: the sun is out; social calendars are full and spirits are high.

We don’t think there’s much justification needed, but here’s why we think Summer is the best season to date.

The silly season is great for meeting new people

Summer is the season for celebrating the year that was and parties galore mean there are multiple opportunities to meet new people in fun and relaxed situations. Whether it’s a friend’s end of year function you’ve accompanied them to or a Christmas street party, the opportunities to meet people outside your usual circle are endless.

Infinite choice

There're countless things to do with a date in Summer. When the sun’s out you can go for a simple stroll for ice-cream, you can go to the beach, or you can opt for a romantic picnic in the park. The best bit about all of these options is they can cost as little or as much as you like. If you’re strapped for cash, the only thing you need is a little help from mother nature and love can be in the air.

Summer sunshine is good for you

Science even agrees with us on this one. Getting outside in the summer sunshine can help boost vitamin D levels, which is a guaranteed mood booster. Throw in a little hand holding – skin to skin contact is also good for the mood (this is science talking again) – and there’s no telling what could happen. Who are we to argue with science?!

New year – new you

Summer and the end of the year is a great time to assess what you really want, not only from your relationships but also out of your life as a whole. The time over the summer break can be used to get out there and try new things, from updating dating profiles to talking to friends you’ve lost contact with. There’s no better time than Summer to set the tone for what you want your whole year to look like.

Summer Lovin’

Need we say more…

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