Fashion tips for topping Trump

Love him or hate him, we can all agree that Donald Trump’s fashion sense could use a hand. Or ten.

It’s one thing that Trump is now President-elect, but it’s another to be taking fashion advice from the Donald. So we’ve put together a list of his top five fashion favourites and flipped them from faux pars to being fashion forward – so you don’t show up to your next date looking like the new leader of the US. (We can’t believe we typed that sentence either).

1. The suit:

Now Trump may have made a name for himself in the 80’s – but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe should reflect your glory years.

The look of today (unless you’re in line to be the next US President) is all about slim fitting and tailoring. If you want the Presidential look, think Obama, not Trump. You’ll thank us later.

And a trap for unsuspecting players and giphy Donald Trump - when you sit down, unbutton the jacket. No one wants to look like a squished sausage roll at the dinner table or on the world stage.

Photo credit: AP (associated press)

2. The tie:

Now a tie can take a basic look and elevate it to the next level, but there are rules fellas. The Donald has never been one for rules and how he wears a tie is the perfect example of this.

In case you haven’t noticed, because you’ve been too concerned over the fact that the Simpsons predicted the downfall of the free world, Trump favours an extremely long tie.

Trump’s ties almost always extend below his belt buckle, which is a classic fashion no-no. The bold colours he regularly adorns are also bringing unwanted attention to the situation.

Remember guys: the tie is supposed to end at the top of the belt buckle, and hold back on the red, even if it’s your teams colour of choice.

3. The cap:

The cap can be a great accessory, especially if you have a toupee that you’re trying to keep secret. We also understand that the catchier the slogan, the better.

However, pairing a cap with a suit and tie may get you keys to The White House, but it won’t get you a second date. We don’t care if you’re trying to “Make America Great Again”.

Save the cap for sunny day dates, and casual political rallies, but not for occasions that call for a suit and tie.

We could maybe overlook a long tie, but a baseball cap with a suit. You’re fired.

4. The hair:

The last few days may have left you concerned about the direction in which the world is going, but we believe we will over comb overcome.

A signature hairstyle can highlight individual style unless you share the same look as Trump.

While the Donald did update his hair slightly four days before the election, chopping the back and dying it a more natural shade of yellow, we still don’t recommend you try this one at home.

But maybe Trump was on to something? Getting a fresh cut before a big day can apparently work miracles.

5. the colour:

Alarm bells are ringing, and they have left us seeing orange.

We think this one may be the most important tips on today's list, keep your colour real. Trump has been the butt of many a joke due to his neon complexion, and this is not the path anyone should be going down.

If you must use a tanning product we suggest one shade darker maximum, unless it's Halloween, then go for gold... or orange.

What are your thoughts about Trump’s style? Would you steal his look?

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