The Doughnut Special

Frozen yogurt is so 2015 and the latest fad popping up in a town near you is doughnuts. This craze is first date approved, but don’t stop reading if you already have that special someone to share your sugar coma with. We’ve scoured the internet, read your reviews and put on a few kilos in the process to find you the latest and greatest the doughnut world has to offer.

1) Short Stop – Melbourne Short Stop coming out of Melbourne do a mean maple walnut doughnut. Once you discover these, you will be making many a ‘Short Stop’… multiple times a week. If you mix their doughnuts with locally roasted seven seeds coffee, you have a good chance at a second date... Well, if your date has good taste that is ;)

2) The Cook and Baker – Sydney The humble jam doughnut just got a whole lot better, The Cook and Baker's take on this classic is nothing but amazing. Vanilla bean custard and fresh raspberry jam doughnuts, this is not to be missed. They also bring out the big baking guns with limited edition versions such as the choc salted caramel and banoffee banana chip. Be sure to keep an eye out for their next masterpiece.

3) Bombolini – Canberra Whether you’re a classic hole in the middle sort of a person or would rather go all out with the stuffed variety, Bombolini have got your doughnut bases covered. You can get your sugar hit weekly at the Canberra Region Farmers Markets. They stock 8 different flavors and these change weekly. Be sure to get in quick, they sell out fast!

4) Nodo - Brisbane Self-proclaimed as the worlds friendliest doughnut, they are gluten free, baked not fried, use responsibly sourced local ingredients and they are definitely friendly on the eyes. These *almost* good for you doughnuts come in some loco flavors like maple pumpkin and chocolate beetroot. I can’t think of a better way to get your 5 serves of veggies a day!

5) Square Peg - Adelaide You'll be able to locate one of these bad boys @ Exchange Specialty Coffee. Delivered daily with flavors such as salted caramel, coffee custard, raspberry white chocolate and strawberry basil jam – what more could we ask for?

6) Top Dup - Perth These are highly Instagramable doughnuts, isn’t that what everyone is looking for in a good doughnut these days? Top Dup became famous for their artisan doughnut pop ups but they have taken the plunge and opened their own shop in Perth. Their Blueberry-lemon glaze doughnuts are a standout #nofilterneeded, or if you feel like something a little salty – the pecan-maple-bacon doughnut, yes we said bacon.

7) Lady Hester – Hobart Last but not least on our doughnut journey is Hobart. If you are looking for the perfect local doughnut you will need to get up early on a Sunday morning – but we promise this is worth it! The Farm Gate markets is home to Lady Hester’s amazing creations and we cannot go past the Sour Rhubarb and Whisky Jam doughnut.

Have you tasted better? Let the doughnut out of the bag and leave a comment below!

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