Singles' dirty habits revealed!

The young grubs of today don’t care if their selfies reveal a dirty house in the background of their profile picture, or if they’re wearing creased clothes. They probably don’t even own irons!* (*Not actually part of the survey).

They’ve probably never had an argument over the dishes, but they’d definitely feel guilty if their partner did all of the housework.

On the flip side, it seems the older you get, the less patience you have for a messy house in the back of a selfie. Actually, make that a messy house. Full stop.

We partnered with our friends at Helping and surveyed over 1,600 Aussies to find out what Australian singles are really doing in the bedroom – besides romancing!

It turns out, that the under 30's of today really aren't that fussed when it comes to cleanliness and dating. 47% of singles under 30 would notice an untidy room in the back of a selfie, but it wouldn't be a deal-breaker.

It also seems that women are more turned off by an untidy selfie, with 29% saying it's a major sticking point, while conversely 27% of males couldn't care less if their date had a messy room in the back of a selfie!

While the young guns of today don't seem to really mind a bit of mess and clutter, things take a big turn once you turn 30, with 58% of people considering ending a relationship if their partner was too unclean at home.

Of the whole survey group, 7% of males and 7% of females said they wouldn't pass up bringing a date home because of a messy house. Fingers crossed that 14% are all going home with each other!

The 50+ years group is by far the cleanest cohort of them all, rating a clean home as very important, generally speaking! They don't even worry about potentially passing up bringing home a date - because their houses are so clean!

While age played a fairly significant role in house cleaning, gender also crept into the data. It seems like old habit die hard, with some Aussies stuck in a gendered time-warp of which jobs are assigned to each partner in the relationship.

Fortunately, only 39% of those surveyed have specific cleaning chores around the house. However; of this group, a whopping 80% of guys admitted that it's their job to take out the rubbish, and 72% of women are tied to cleaning the kitchen. C'mon singles - it's 2016! It's time to shake things up a bit!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the survey. Have you ever dated a messy single? Tell us below!

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