NYC's latest dating trend you must try

Oh how the times have changed! For the most part, being single today means hours of futile, shallow and exhausting horizontal swiping. In what world did horizontally swiping left or right overtake the, ahem, other horizontal joys of dating?

It seems New Yorkers have latched on to a new dating trend; and it might actually be the most promising way of meeting singles face to face who (surprise!) – want to go on a date. Speed dating is something that I thought had suffered a quicker demise than Y2K and clip-in hair extensions combined. I judged it. Harshly. Seems like our friends in New York did too – until they actually tried it.

It can be hit and miss, wading through a room full of strangers and hoping for a glimpse of chemistry. But for singles wanting to move beyond the shallow digital interactions of a lot of dating apps out there today, speed dating is actually a great tool to meet people. Wait, wading through a room full of strangers with the hope of finding your next date…sounds like a regular night in a bar or pub – where all of the people are SINGLE! *runs around the room squealing.

It seems like New Yorkers aren’t the only ones jumping back onto this nostalgic bandwagon. The Washington Post has reported new singles-only parties increasingly popping up in small bars around town. Taking it a step further, the “Offline Society” adds a little bit of match-making magic to the equation, with members filling out more traditional online surveys to balance the mix of people at each event.

If our neighbours across the Pacific are anything to go by, it seems like the new way forward is a blend of online and offline to find your next great date. There’s no doubt that finding a date online is still one of the most rock solid choices out there. Nobody wants to wade through an 80 question survey in the vague hope that you have undeniable chemistry in real life because you’re both Virgos and like your whiskey neat. On the flipside, finding people who match your basic criteria (and with whom you can hold a bit of online banter) is probably the most efficient and effective way to meet quality singles. RSVP has been around for 18 years for a reason. It works.

Taking a leaf out of the U.S. dating scene, for the more adventurous singles wanting to try something new, there’s a little company in Australia nailing the speed dating scene, with a twist. Matched Speed Dating by CitySwoon is probably one of the best kept secrets on the dating scene. Instead of the usual sushi train of dates, and worse yet, pen and paper score card system, these guys match you to your speed dates before you’ve even met. It’s all done via your phone too, so on the night you can literally hang out anywhere in the venue on your speed date! No reserved tables. No tragic dance-card numbers. Just a normal night of dating. There are a bunch of events happening in major cities around Australia, so to find one near you head to the DateHub events page.

In short, nothing can replace the chemistry you feel when you meet someone that you like and want to see again. However; you can certainly refine your options and save yourself a lot of time by combining online dating with meeting people face to face.

Tell us your thoughts on this latest trend and how you mostly meet singles?

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