450,000 condoms shipped to Rio Olympic Village

Turns out shooting for Gold isn’t the only thing Olympic athletes will be setting their high-achieving sights upon this week in Rio.

Fox News has reported that the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Village will be awash with 450,000 condoms for athletes, which equates to 42 condoms per person. Given that they’ll be doing sporty things for a good portion of that time, the ratio of condoms > people > time spent in Rio leads to a very climactic closing ceremony.

Hold onto your hats people, the fireworks are only the teaser.

It’s not just the athletes who should be prepared. We undertook a survey* of over 1,000 Brazilians and 1,400 Australians to find out the cross-cultural differences in dating between the two countries, and it looks like Aussies headed to Rio might be in for a bigger adventure than anticipated!

For Aussies doing a spot of their own rhythmic gymnastics in Rio and at home, we’ve compared how Aussies stack up against Brazilians in the dating game:

Eyes on the prize

Turns out Brazilian blokes aren’t ok with their dates downing Caipirinhas on the first date, with 40% preferring their ladies drinking no alcohol on the first date. Aussie women don’t mind their dates having 1-2 glasses, with 76% agreeing it’s completely fine. Meanwhile, almost one in four Aussie blokes said there is no limit to how much a female should drink on the first date. Oh dear, boys!

The gold medal

Peter Allen was on the money, with a great smile topping the list of key physical attributes Brazilians are looking for in a date. The shallow factor quickly creeps in, with a “fit body” the second most desirable attribute. Aussies unanimously voted a great smile and nice eyes as the most desirable physical attributes. Looks like Australians win this round.

Luck be a (Brazilian) lady tonight

Brazilian women are 5.25 times more likely to be looking for a casual relationship than Australian women. A staggering 22% of Brazilian men are looking for marriage, while only 6% of Australian women want the same thing. Australian men are only slightly more focused on the long white aisle, with 8% looking for marriage. Aussie ladies, you’ve been warned!

Silver lining

Turns out Brazilian women prefer having at least two dates before pole vaulting their way to the bedroom, with 26% of women surveyed saying they would wait until the second date to have sex. Coming in as a surprise for the bookies; 40% of Brazilian men said they would want to go on 6 dates before Greco-Roman wrestling in the sheets with their new date.

Cross-cultural dating is becoming more appealing by the second, with the majority of Australian women also preferring 6 or more dates before having sex (34%). Aussie guys were a tad more eager in this department, with 28% saying three dates was the magic number, followed closely by 22% saying the first date was fine to have sex. Guys, you might want a ice-bath and sit this round out.

Gold medal flirting

Flirting? Yeah, nah. Turns out Aussies aren’t that confident that they’re the flirtiest types around. In saying that, 54% of Aussie blokes think they’re pretty top notch at flirting.

Brazilians on the other hand, answered a resounding YES to being pretty ace in the flirting game, with 82% of women rating Brazilians as A grade flirters and 60% of Brazilian men rating Brazilian women as flirty birds.

So if you’re in Brazil this month, or have a single mate over there, tell them to download the Oasis.com app immediately and start dating!

If you’re single and not in Brazil this Olympics, fear not. Endearingly, Australians flew their own flag in the finish of this survey. When asked which country bred the sexiest people on earth, both Australian men and women voted to keep that trophy at home. At last, Australia on top.

So really, whether Australians or Brazilians are better in the dating game is probably not very important in the grand scheme of things. With 450,000 condoms flooding Rio right now, our bets are on very few AusBra babies coming along in approximately 9 months!

*Oasis.com conducted the survey online in September 2015. Survey data has been collected from Oasis.com members in Australia and Brazil.

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