Date safely. No, really.

It’s not rocket science. Date safely. There, we said it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Date. Safely.

At the risk of sounding like your mum, we want you to go out and be the belle (/prince) of the ball… just do it safely! But what does this mean, I hear you ask?! It’s pretty simple really – a dash of common sense and absolutely no TMI.

There's a big focus on offline vs. online in the "dating safely" conversation, but the real measure of safety is how you know each other. When you meet someone new through family or friends, there's effectively a safety net there. In some sense, the person has already been vetted by people you know. When you meet someone at a bar, a coffee shop or online, you don't have your support network around you, acting as a background check. You need to keep your wits about you and try not to let the thrill of the date overshadow everyday precautions. So, whether you're dating online or offline, the same rules apply! Here's a snapshot of a few below:


Common sense in dating is like writing on a birthday card. You’re all footloose and fancy free at the start of putting pen to paper. You dive in head first with free-flowing ink and unabashed gusto. You don’t realise how much you use spell-check on your laptop until you’ve written the word "birthaday" incorrectly, then it’s too late to go back.


The devil is in the detail. Personal details, that is. Don’t give them away. They’re yours for the keeping. When you’re dating online, you generally have the ability to continue the conversation without any need to take it to another device or platform. Don’t give out your mobile number, Facebook name or email address straight up. Save it!


With the stars aligning, the person that you’re meeting will be a delight that makes you want to cancel your online dating profile and arrange fresh daisies. On the off chance that they’re not, you’d rather skip the headache of them knowing where you live and other personal details. You also get to call the shots of when you want the date to finish, with a veritable crowd of strangers around as a safety blanket. Also, don’t get too boozy on your first date. Aside from making questionable life choices, you’ll more likely divulge your dirtiest, darkest secrets – like a fondness for listening to country-western playlists on Spotify and reading the Daily Telegraph.


It’s a good practice to get into telling a friend every time you go on a first date. A name, a phone number, the venue where you’re meeting. It’s sounds a bit OTT, but the reality is you’ll feel safer and more confident knowing that a mate has your back should things go awry. Set a time that you’ll text your friend to let them know you’re home safely.

These are all tips that you’ve heard a THOUSAND times over, no doubt, but we repeat them for a reason. There is a small portion of people in this world that you don’t want to meet; not at work, not through your mixed netball competition and definitely not through online dating. Stay safe and keep dating!

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