Best Budget Winter Dating Ideas

You don't have to flash the cash to have great dates this winter. Keeping it low-budget and low-key can add to the charm of it all. Beat the impending cabin fever and embrace the chilly weather. We've short listed a few date ideas to get you inspired...

Get tickets to a local sports match

Even if you know nothing about it, the atmosphere is usually the best part. Besides, you can use Google to figure out the rules as you go! We’re well and truly into AFL and NRL seasons locally, so rug up and head outdoors!

Go to an art gallery

Most of them have free exhibitions. Even if you hate it and think it’s a load of rubbish, chances are you’ll probably have something to laugh about together afterwards.

Take a (short!) coffee appreciation class

If they’re all a bit too expensive (or few and far between in your neck of the woods), DIY it! Go to a top notch coffee shop and order a speciality brew. Use the free wifi and search for everything about that blend. Switch the coffee for tea if it’s not your thing.

See a random gig

Make a rule that the tickets can’t be over $25 and it has to be local. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Take a hike and pack a picnic

Surprise your new date with a thermos of warm stuff and a cooler-bag of delights! Think cheese, bread, pies and soup!

Take a free guided city tour together

You might know your home town inside out, but chances are a guide will know it better and be able to tell you quirky facts you never knew. There are typically free city walks in every major city (although a few gold coins are usually much appreciated!).

DIY photography competition

Using only your smart phones, go on an adventure around your town (or somewhere more picturesque!) to snap the best photos you can. Let social media be your judge as to who gets more likes on their pics by the end of the date!

Got a great winter date idea? Share it below!

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