Kiss Goodbye to MS - inspired by former member's story, RSVP pledges $10,000

Australia’s leading online dating site, RSVP is urging all its members to get kissing on Sunday May 22 in support of MS Research Australia's Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign.

RSVP has been inspired by former RSVP member Emma, who lives with MS and who met her husband on RSVP. RSVP will donate $10,000 to MS Research Australia with a target of 40,000 kisses sent between members on on Sunday 22 May 2016

Emma's story

Emma met her husband on RSVP in 2006. It was Emma's first RSVP date and she felt chemistry from the start. "We clicked right away and by the second date I knew he was the one", Emma said.

The couple were married in 2009 and sadly Emma was diagnosed only a few months after they returned from their honeymoon. "My original symptoms were optic neuritis (blurry vision) and after a few days I thought I should go to my GP. He asked me a few questions after looking at my eyes. He said 'best case scenario it could be something wrong with your eyes. Worst case it could be multiple sclerosis'. I didn't know how to spell multiple sclerosis, let alone know anything about it!"

Emma immediately had an MRI and the week after her neurologist confirmed she had MS. "My immediate concern was that it would affect my fertility, but thankfully it doesn't. My optic neuritis had disappeared by then and my MRI results were good so my neurologist said 'Go and have a baby and then come and see me again.' We ended up having two girls, who are now 5 and 2".

Emma started volunteering for MS Research Australia on their Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign 3 years ago. "I was investing in my family's future - to have a world where we know more about the disease and its causes, and ultimately a cure".

"I volunteer because I am one of the lucky people living well with MS. Thankfully, I have been relapse free since my diagnosis six years ago. That is one of the mysteries about MS. I am well today, but then there are people who have MS that are in wheelchairs, and everything in between. This is why MS Research Australia and their Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign is so important. We need to raise more money so we can fund essential research to unlock the mysteries of the disease".

"The average age of diagnosis for MS is 30 years old. Three out of four people with MS are women. This is around the age where they are looking for their Mr Right, and an MS diagnosis can certainly put a hold on plans for the future. Thank you RSVP for contributing to MS research - you helped me find my Mr Right and now you can help my future again by helping to find a cure for MS!"

Spokesperson for RSVP, Lara Delahunty said, "The Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign came to our attention last year and when we heard Emma's story we knew we had to get involved. This is just the start of our involvement and we look forward to building our support of MS Research Australia in coming years. To all our members - get kissing! It's free to send a kiss and you can use this campaign to let someone know how you feel. You will also be helping support a great cause".

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