Tattoos: The Double Standard

It used to be a question of tattoo or no tattoo but Australians have moved on. The debate is now about where, how big and how many according to a survey of over 2,000 RSVP members. RSVP set out to discover what it was about tattoos that attracted men and women – and what turned them off. Single men and women looking to attract the opposite sex, take note!

While 7 out of 10 men find tattoos on women attractive, the majority say this depends on placement. 56% say tattoos can be attractive if they are small and subtly placed. The majority of male respondents said they would prefer it if their women kept their tattoos hidden, for their eyes only (68%).

8 out of 10 women find tattoos on men attractive, but only if they are not too ‘over the top’. They have less concerns about how their men choose to show off their tattoos - most aren't bothered about how under wraps they are.

Lara Delahunty, spokesperson for RSVP said, "There seems to be a bit of double standard here in men when it come to tattoos. They clearly find women with tattoos attractive, but they have strong views about how visible they are. "Men also need to be aware that the the more tattoos you have, the less attractive you are to women. More than four tattoos axes your attractiveness by half."

Commenting on the results, Chloe Karr from Think Again Laser Clinic in Sydney said, "It’s interesting that the preferred areas of the body for both sexes are the same as those we most commonly remove tattoos from. "While men are commonly removing only one of their many tattoos, we are finding that women are removing the only tattoo they may have. Women seem to want to resurrect their bare skin while men are commonly more interested in removing tattoos to make room for more! "We are also seeing an increase in ex partners’ names being removed. I can imagine seeing another person’s name on your new fling's body would make for some interesting dinner conversation!"

Key findings:

• According to women, the hottest spots for men’s ink is the back, chest and half sleeve.

• Men most like to spy a tattoo on a woman’s back, foot and wrist.

• Face tattoos are the biggest turn-off. Only 2% of men and 1% of women would go there.

• Neck tattoos are next on the chopping block. Only 10% of women and 17% of men find neck tattoos attractive.

• The more tattoos you have, the less attractive you are to the opposite sex. More than four tattoos axes your approval rating by half – from 80% to 42%.

*Survey conducted online in April with 2,073 respondents.

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