The Sugar Daddy Experience

From Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall, to Frank Sinatra and his bevy of young beauties, the Sugar Daddy relationship is definitely not a new concept in history. We’ve seen COUNTLESS beautiful young females (and males) shack up with significantly older counterparts for reasons other than love. For centuries, we’ve seen relationships built on the objectives of forming empires and maintaining / advancing a clans’ social standing.

For anyone still wondering if they can replace the sugar with agave syrup, let me clear up this slightly sticky situation - a Sugar Daddy, or Sugar Mama, is a relationship entered into where there’s a significant age-gap (and a significant pay gap), where the older partner has stacks of cash, so to speak.

It’s a delicate situation, as most couples who enter into this type of relationship are probably unlikely to tweet to the universe that they’re in a marriage of convenience. You can also imagine that finding a partner who shares the same unique relationship goals is somewhat tricky. Here enters the beautiful beast…the internet.

We’ve seen and heard a fair bit of chatter about an article doing the rounds today, one that profiles the dating website; a site dedicated primarily to matching Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. Describing the concept as ‘generous dating’, the site’s founder and CEO Brandon Wade says that ‘Men are attracted to beautiful women, and beautiful women are attracted to men who have the ability to spoil them’. Adding to this powder keg of money, beauty and Downton Abbey drama, Wade further articulates that ‘Love is a concept created by poor people’. To say it’s sparked water cooler conversation today is an understatement.

We’ve seen plenty of niche dating sites come and go over the years, but with Sugar Daddies paying significant membership fees it looks like this might be a concept that’s here to stay. Is the Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship morally dubious, even though both parties are looking for the same thing? Does a transactional relationship err on the side of prostitution, or is it just a clearly communicated financial arrangement? Do you think Sugar Daddy relationships can ever develop into physical and emotional attraction?

DH Sam

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