The Urban Dictionary of Dating

Like the classifieds section of the Herald, the language of modern dating can be succinct, and at times more obscure than the 'I Feel Lucky' search option in Google. Thankfully, we’ve cracked the key abbreviations and acronyms you should probably know if you’re a single person with a mobile phone and would like to meet another single person with a mobile phone.

Cuffing Season – The late autumnal urge to find a girlfriend / boyfriend for the winter months. As the weather starts to turn, our sense of urgency dials up to a MAX to find a big spoon / little spoon to handcuff to ourselves for the impending snuggle season. Ghosting – When your lousy date falls off the face of the earth after a period of *regular contact. It’s a crap move that we’ve all had happen to us at some stage. JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND SAY YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED. Also known as a Ninja or a Smoke-Bomb, although these are usually legendary moves executed in social situations where you need to leave and shudder at the thought of 20 rounds of goodbyes. *Regular spans anywhere from 3 texts to 3 dates. Textpectations - The modern equivalent for waiting anxiously by the telephone for your sweetheart to dial. You went on a date, the date went well, and now you’re waiting for the follow up text = textpectations. BAE – Before Anyone Else i.e. the most important person in your world. The one that rocks your Kasbah. Or that you just kinda rate. Basically if you’re exclusively seeing someone, then congratulations! You’ve got a BAE.

Hiberdating – Your mate that starts seeing someone, then disappears from all social events and general communication for the coming months.

Netflix and Chill – Be warned, this one is the modern equivalent of “let’s just hang out and watch a movie”. May or may not involve some touchy feely action (no, this is not a film genre).

Know any more modern dating slang that we should be across? Tell us below!

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