2019: It's a brave new world for dating

For newly made singles, or singles who didn't have much luck in 2018, we've got your 2019 dating year sorted. Here are 5 tips from RSVP members on what you need to know about dating in the digital age:

1. Don't stress The majority of singles do not take going on a date too seriously. 73% of RSVP members surveyed see going on a date as the chance to get to know someone. This is compared to 27% who see it as the first step towards a relationship. Moreover, 53% of RSVP singles are happily ignoring the ticking of any clock. This is supported by Australian Bureau of Statistics data, which shows the average Australian now waits until they are around 29 or 30 to marry and until their early 30s to have children. 2. Dating is a casual thing - until it isn't 54% of men and 63% of women say it is ok in the early stages of dating to continue dating others. It takes around 3-7 dates for most singles (57%) to think about dating exclusively. 3. Nobody is relying on signs for commitment anymore The only really valid way of knowing whether or not you are in an exclusive relationship is to have the talk - this beats out those old telltale signs, like having a toothbrush at your lover's place or meeting someone's family. Even going away on holiday together should not be regarded as a sign. 4. Keep your pants on - at least until the second date Having sex on the first date still decreases your chances of having a relationship. While both sexes agree on this, women feel much more strongly about it than men do. 68% of women say it decreases your chances, compared to 44% of men. 5. Date safely The majority (45%) of dates happen after only three contacts (either verbal or online). In days gone by, you went on a date with someone you already knew and liked. RSVP has safe dating tips to help newbies out, but generally singles these days are well aware of the golden rule: meet and get to know who you are dating in a public space. Our prediction: 2019 will be a good year for dating.

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