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First dates are about testing the water, seeing if there is a connection and making a good impression. Second and subsequent dates are about getting to know more about each other, and trying new things together. On a scale of an APEC Summit to Sydney Mardi Gras, we’ve picked the most conservative through to the more adventurous date options to add some spice to your plans.


Dinners are an intimate setting – best for chatting and learning about each other's views and opinions. Although you might want to share what you believe is the best steak or gelato on offer in your area, don't just stick to your old favourites. Try new places together. Grab a Good Food Guide, Time Out online or check out Yelp, so you can be kept up to date on new venues and trends. Making your way around your city, sampling local restaurants, cafes and pubs is all good and well but there will come a time when you need to spice it up a little and inject some creativity into your date plans.

ADVENTUROUS Think of this section as the equivalent of the Weight Watchers guide, where they swap the deep fried wedges for grilled zucchini fries. Instead of dinner in a restaurant, grab a picnic rug, some fish and chips and take it to the beach or a picturesque park. Rather than just catching a movie, get tickets to a film festival or outdoor cinema. Investigate what's on at your favourite museums, sign up for a cooking class together, look up bands that are touring and check out art or food festivals in your community.

WILD Consider your date's interests and suggest some fun and different date ideas that you're both likely to enjoy. A warning: perhaps wait until the second or third date before embarking on a slightly wilder date in case your new date thinks you’re an OTT adrenalin junkie.

Dating doesn't always have to be dinner or drinks - put a little more creativity in to it and you're likely to impress. Is your date athletic? Try hiring a kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard and check out the local waterways. Is your date an early bird? Suggest an early morning walk to a look-out followed by a breakfast date. Does your date like vintage furniture and knick-knacks? Do your research and take them to a local market.

Getting amongst the culture of your city doesn't need to be expensive. There are free events and festivals run by local councils and community groups - so keep an eye out and sign up to interesting lifestyle newsletters that will inspire you.

So what have been your favourite date experiences? We'd love to hear what impresses you and makes dates a little bit different.

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