Being Ron Burgundy - 5 tips for nailing your date

You want to be the Ron Burgundy of the dating world? Don’t act cool. Be cool. Dating is tough, don’t make it harder for yourself. Here’s what we think Ron Burgundy would do on a first date…

1. Have plans A, B and C ready for the night.

Fumbling around at Flinders St Station or awkwardly walking your date around in laps of the block like a pony at the Easter Show while you’re searching for that laneway bar - ain’t cool. Have a plan, but be prepared to abandon ship on your plans if your date has a better idea. Having plans B and C up your sleeve will inevitably come in handy, you know, in case your date is allergic to shellfish and you were planning on shucking oysters together. If that’s your thing…

2. Charge your phone

You never know where the night (or day) might take you. Maps, Yelp, Dial-a-Friend – your phone might just save your dating life. Charge that little bad boy like there’s a MILLION tomorrows and no iPhone 4 chargers in sight.

3. Check the weather Ask yourself, have you ever seen Ron Burgundy with weather-affected hair? We thought not. Don’t let you or your date end up windswept or drenched. You’re thinking it’s all sexy, right? Like The Notebook, or Flashdance... think again my friend.

4. Pack chewing gum / mints

Pack. The. Juicy Fruit. This is not the time to throw caution to the wind in your dating life. We know, we’re always banging on about being you and taking chances – but there’s a fine line between adventurous and disastrous. That piece of pulled pork in your back molar has NO PLACE being here on your date.

5. Pay your credit card bill

Or have reasonable denominations of cash handy. Have a plan before you get there. Are you going to pay or do you expect to go Dutch? Have options for both ready. If you’re going to split it, your date might only have a card. Or cash. Be agile, be ready. Be Ron Burgundy. Also, tip your waiter if it really is great service. Your date will notice these things and think what a remarkably considerate person you are!

5 tips is by far sexier than 6 tips, but we have one last notable tip we must hand over in order to kick your first date into second date territory. Have your Uber app ready for a classy exit. No awkward “uh bye”, then walk together for another 50 metres looking for the same cab. Have your Uber at the ready, and stay classy.

DH Sam

Image credit: @asos Got any more to add? Tell us your fail-safe date tips below.

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